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Latest News - From Redsmith Distillery

Redsmith Distillery is excited to announce a move to new premises within the Creative Quarter of Nottingham.

Redsmith Distillery creative quarter Nottingham
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Our London Dry Gin has been awarded the prestigious "Classic Gin of the Year award" at this years Craft Distilling Expo in London.

A team of high-profile judges tested over 50 gins from countries across Europe, including UK, France, Germany, Sweden, and Austria.

redsmith gin best classic gin in europe award

Redsmith distillery are proud to announce that the first batch of our London Dry Gin has rested long enough.

Redsmith london dry gin batch 1

World Gin Day was in its Eighth year and it was the first time that we got to share our fantastic Redsmith London dry gin with those marking the 11th of June in their diaries.

Redsmith London Dry Gin distilled in small batches

After years of development including building our very own one of a kind copper pot still, Redsmith London dry gin is now available at a few locations that were able to secure themselves a bottle or two of the very first batch.

Redsmith London dry gin at the Crafty Crow Nottingham

The buzz around our new Redsmith London Dry Gin is growing.

It is great to see that our years of hard work is being noticed by those in the know.

redsmith gin in the news again

Redsmith distillery in the Nottingham Post

Great to see the keen interest in our new London Dry Gin from the gin drinking public and other businesses, including the newspapers.


It might only be a monopoly map, but we thought it was a good starting point.

Just look at that rental value!

gin distillery board games monopoly