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redsmith gin in the news again

The buzz around our new Redsmith London Dry Gin is growing.

It is great to see that our years of hard work is being noticed by those in the know.

The article in The Spirits Business explains a little more about our distillery and the road to the creation of a fine London Dry Gin.

"Redsmith Distillery, based in Ruddington, UK, features a unique still created in-house by company founder and distiller Wayne Asher.

The still, called Jenny, is thought to be the smallest commercial 10 bubble plate, carter head still in the UK. Each plate in the rectifying column has been cut by hand, and each hole individually drilled.

Plans are in place to create a second larger production still with a similar design to Jenny in order to increase output and allow for greater product development capacity.

Redsmith Distillery also currently features another product development still called Tiny Tess, which is also made almost entirely from copper.

The distillery spent one year creating the recipe for its inaugural product – the recently released Redsmith London Dry Gin – which features a “secret” blend of nine botanicals.

The gin is distilled in small batches, hand-labelled and numbered, and individually signed by Asher."

"Asher" is Wayne the head distiller and creator of Jenny.