In 1809 a small Nottinghamshire village gave us the world famous Bramley apple.

Today Redsmith distillery have created a Dry Apple Gin that combines this celebrated apple flavour with award winning distilling excellence.

Apple Gin was once very popular and is included in the Cafe Royal Cocktail Book of 1937. Until now Apple Gin had not been produced commercially for some time.

"The infusion of Bramley apple and carefully selected botanicals is a perfect combination.
The taste has an initial burst of almond, rising to rich herbal juniper notes with a crisp apple finish.
The positive response to our new Dry Apple Gin has been fantastic! "

Wayne (Head distiller)

Redsmith's Nottingham Dry Apple Gin is a limited edition and only available direct from our Redsmith distillery website.

Redsmith distillery are proud to be the only distillery in Nottingham and to be using a copper still that we created ourselves.